ITM University Gurgaon Case Study

ITM University Gurgaon Case Study

ITM University (formerly Institute of Technology and Management) was founded in 1996 to promote excellence in technical and management education by the Educate India Society (registered under the Registration of Societies Act of 1860). The large and diverse university district, located in the heart of Gurgaon in Haryana (India), serves nearly 3000 students.

Today, ITM University is one of the best universities in the NCR region. The university helps to ensure that every student develops the knowledge, skills, and motivation to succeed as a productive, ethical, and global citizen.

Business Challenge
The university management team had a vision to deliver IT services for ITM University, providing online study material to every student and faculty, with the best-in-class IT infrastructure and Internet communications in every corner of the university and industry-best solution, with 24x7 availability and minimum downtime. There would be no restrictions for students to spread their wings for education.
 Network Solution

Develop a high-speed network to link all campus buildings while expanding the delivery of services, and decreasing staff maintenance commitments. Support a rapidly evolving campus environment and the use of rich media, web conferencing, online content delivery, and a multitude of access devices with a powerful, resilient, and agile network.

Move toward a lower-cost, longer-term model based on servers, networking products and homogenous network components to deliver centralized management of computing across the network.

Business Technology Improvements
  • Increased network bandwidth between campus buildings, from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps to better support the increased use of the network for content and course delivery.
  • Service calls and outages have been reduced from weekly to near zero, freeing staff to focus on higher-value projects.
  • Network deployment, management, monitoring, and troubleshooting are now easier with the use of Edge-Core managed networking solution.
Network Solution

Two Layer 3 switches (ECS4610-26T & ECS4610-24F) are installed at the core of the network in full redundant mode with VRRP configuration. A firewall ensures that up to 1 Gbps of traffic can flow at wire speed through to the Internet. Layer 2 managed switches (ECS4110-52T) with 1 Gbps backbone as well as Websmart GE Switch (ECS2000-10P) was deployed to ensure that the central library, digital library, and e-learning center at the university worked in a non-blocking mode across the university. Security enhancements for internal and external threats: Traffic classification and segregation with security provided by VLANs , ACLs, broadcast storm control, and anti D-DoS attacks on the managed Edge-Core switches.
Post implementation, various departments at the university have begun using the core network for their virtualized server requirements and this has helped reduce costs for new server purchases. It has also helped to drive the university towards cluster computing and grid computing.

Deploying an end-to-end solution also helped ITM University overcome the challenge of finding and retaining skilled manpower to manage complex technologies, because the solution helped increase dependency and trust in the network.

During the implementation, wireless planning needed to be re-adjusted to the requirements of video throughput, manageability, and the security expected by students. The senior management and the technical team at ITM University worked hand-in-hand with the team from Edge-Core to complete the project successfully.

Business Results
The implementation has benefitted ITM University in more ways than one. The use of full management and redundancy in core network has resulted in significant cost savings. New services, like video, on-demand learning, signage, virtualization, and cloud computing etc. can be rolled out seamlessly using the same converged network. From a people's perspective, the staff is more motivated to work using the state-of-art technology. With the implemented solution, system availability has improved tremendously —voice, video, and data are available anytime, anywhere, and to everyone. User experience as well as intra/inter-office communication has improved, and the network has been recognized as an important cog in the wheel of running the university.

Objective Achieved
The objective of ITM University is to develop the technical/professional knowledge of the student, as well as their intellectual, analytical, and practical skills, providing the necessary academic and professional tools required for a successful career, not only in their relevant field, but in other professional contexts. Edge-Core has achieved considerable cost savings by deploying a managed network across the entire campus, and it is now much easier for the university to facilitate new services, such as video, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Products Used in this Case Studies
ECS4610-26T      L3 Gigabit Ethernet Stackable Switch
ECS4610-24F      L3 Gigabit SFP Aggregation Switch
ECS4110-52T      L2 GE Standalone Switch
ECS2000-10P      Websmart GE Switch