Wi-Fi Solution

Easy Manage Wireless Network with Central Control
Affordable IP-Based Wire and Wireless Networks Solution
With the fast growing smart phone and tablet devices, people are looking for high-bandwidth access on their move. 11ac became the key standard in the Wi-Fi infrastructure when setting up the new installation site. 
Focusing on enterprise, campus, and hospitality market segment, Edgecore Networks understand the growth in such segment as well as the demand on management of such Wi-Fi environment.  In addition to the standalone enterprise wireless access points, Edgecore also focus on key enterprise wireless access point in both indoor and outdoor design with controller-based solution.
Network Management System, ECView Pro
The ECView Network Management System provides a single point to manage the entire enterprise network, together with an unlimited and customizable reporting capability, such as traffic analysis, wireless management and security. In addition, certain SNMP-enabled Wi-Fi access points, such as Edgecore ECW7220-L can be manages and provisioned through ECview Pro, making unified wired/wireless access a reality at last.
Key Features of ECView Pro NMS

Dashboard Tool - ECView Platform and Note System
The Dashboard view is user customizable and can display the reports or URL’s of the administrator’s choice. It also has a user-definable refresh timer, so the information update process can be controlled. In addintional, using notes to save bits of information for future reference, keep reminders or record your daily activities in ECView Pro NMS.

Heat Map        
Using “heat map” the coverage area, the interference areas between channels, density of RF, and area without coverages must be displayed.

Auto Power Adjustment
When two installed APs are too close and the output power is too large with overlapping situation, these APs will decrease the output power automatically. On the other hand, if these two installed APs are too far that some area can’t be covered, then APs will increase output power automatically to solve this problem.

Performance Monitor is designed to monitor AC, it provides six types information of the AC, sumary, AP Information, Radio Information, Client Information, Performance Information, AP Neighbor.


Wireless Solutions

Large Scale deployment of Campus Application
Edgecore Wireless Controller-based Solution can provide full-set as ECView Pro(NMS), two types Wireless Access Controllers and indoor & outdoor 11ac dual band 3 x 3 MIMO Access Point. The solution can be applied for wireless city, large scale campus, hotel & shopping mall. Through NMS, can manage all Access Controllers and Access Point easily. Also, without NMS, Access Controllers can manage Access Point independently. Besides, two-layer redundancy mechanism make whole networks system always keep robust & secure environment without any risks.  
Two-Layered Redundancy Mechanism
  1. One 4502 for each site, i.e., 4502#1
  2. Once 4502#1 fails, 4606#1-1 will take over
  3. If 4502#1 and 4606#1 both fail, 4606#N(any workable 4606) will be backup and take over

Wireless Products
Controller-based WiFi Aps
ECWO7220-L  Wireless Outdoor EAP -802.11ac Dual-Band Wirless Controller-based Outdoor Access Point 
ECW7220-L   Wireless Indoor EAP - Indoor 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Dual-Band Dual-Radio Controller-based Enterprise Access Point
Wireless Controller
EWS4502  Wireless Controller - 2 x GE with default 10 AP licenses, manage 500 Aps
EWS4606  Wireless Controller - 6 x GE with default 10 AP licenses, manage 2000 Aps