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Gigabit Web-Smart Pro PoE Switches

ECS2100-10P is a Web Smart Pro Switch, it supports 8 x GE PoE ports + 2 GE SFP uplink ports with1 RJ45 Console port and Fanless design. The PoE budget max. 125W. 


The ECS2100 Series is Edgecore's new combination web-smart and L2 managed switch advantage. The ECS2100 Series takes web-smart cost-effective switches and provides plenty of management options, such as a console port on the L2 managed switches. With powerful soſtware and hardware features, the ECS2100 is designed for SMB and enterprise markets and provides a complete solution, including both non-PoE and PoE options.

The ECS2100 Series offers complete PoE solutions from 65 W to 370 W. The ECS2100-10PE is the most compact (height: 2.65 cm) managed PoE switch design, a cost-effective PoE switch with powerful soſtware and security features. The switch can be mounted in many small spaces, on a wall or in a rack. The ECS2100-10P is a full-PoE fanless design switch, it supports up to 8 ports at 15.4W, or 4 ports at 30 W to meet the increasing power demands of users. The ECS2100-28PP is a PoE switch, it delivers a default 370 W of PoE power to support future IP cameras, IP telephones, or access points.

The ECS2100 Series supports 8, 24, and 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, with each switch supporting 2 or 4 Gigabit SFP ports.

As well as IPv4 and IPv6 features, the ECS2100 Series supports L3 static routing. The ECS2100 Series includes the best green-saving technologies (IEEE 802.3az and Green-Ethernet). Using the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard, the switch automatically decreases power usage when network traffic is low.


Ports 8
Switch Type Fixed Port
Routing/Switching Layer 2
Features PoE
IPv6 Management
Predominant Port Type Gigabit Copper
Gigabit Fiber


  • 2.65 cm high wall-mountable design (ECS2100-10PE)
  • Fanless design (ECS2100-10T/P/PE/28T)
  • Up to 370 W PoE (ECS2100-28PP)
  • Dual firmware/configuration
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • IEEE 802.3az
  • L3 static routing
  • Console port
  • PoE timer
  • Dashboard
  • Auto firmware upgrade


Category File Name Version Release Date File Size Download
Notice ECS2100 Notice (Read Me First) US 2017-01-16 335.45 KB Download
Datasheet ECS2100 Series DS R06 US 2021-10-22 597.58 KB Download
Datasheet ECS2100 Series DS R03.9 Portuguese 2018-08-01 2740.19 KB Download
Datasheet ECS2100-10P RAI (RAI Project Only) India 2017-12-04 527.48 KB Download
User Manual ECS2100-10P Quick Start Guide-R02 US 2018-10-09 1179.93 KB Download
User Manual ECS2100-10P Installation Guide-R03 US 2018-10-09 3724.73 KB Download
User Manual ECS2100-10P Installation Guide-R03 Portuguese 2018-10-24 2684.15 KB Download
User Manual ECS2100-10P Web Management Guide-R07 US 2021-07-13 14730.44 KB Download
User Manual ECS2100-10P CLI Reference Guide-R07 US 2021-07-13 2894.64 KB Download
Firmware ECS2100-V1.2.2.0_upgrade from v1.1.2.0 US 2020-06-02 13196.24 KB Download
Firmware How to upgrade firmware from v1.1.2.0 to v1.2.2.x Procedure_v1.0 US 2018-10-29 707.11 KB Download
Firmware ECS2100 FW_V1.2.2.31 US 2021-07-13 19055.76 KB Download
Certification ECS2100 Series China RoHS R01 CN 2021-07-20 5227.91 KB Download
Certification ECS2100_CE_of_Doc US 2021-08-10 359.82 KB Download
Certification Edgecore RoHS 2.0 & Reach Declaration ECS2100-10P US 2016-06-29 350.98 KB Download
Safety and Regulatory Information ECS2100 Series Safety and Regulatory Information R02 US 2020-09-15 585.75 KB Download

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